Strawberry Banana Smoothie – for grown ups!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I know I know ..Strawberry Banana Smoothie – BIG deal! Well its not just any Strawberry Banana Smoothie, its the “let your phantasy run wild throw everything into one blender and then spike it with your favorite liquor- Smoothie”! This smoothie is noteworthy for 4 reasons:

  1. The healthy part: I used up my old and ugly strawberries and they worked out perfect. Store bough strawberries are usually not very taste intense and by the time they are ripe they usually are borderline mush and moldy. Well for a smoothie the ripe and ugly ones are just the right ones (not moldy though ;-). Note to yourself: ugly fruit still makes for healthy fruit and is perfect for a smoothie.
  2. The use it up part: I also had one of those really brown speckled bananas that also would have landed in the trash – even my dogs don’t like overly ripe bananas – so I threw it into the blender with the strawberries.
  3. The fattening part – you can leave it out but it made the smoothie sooo good – of course it would – I added my home made strawberry ice cream. I had made such a big portion of it that I still had some left over after 2 weeks – so a couple scoops into the smoothie – yummy!.
  4. The Happy part: I had some Raspberry Vodka left and after a hard day of yard work, I thought some kind of Strawberry/Vodka slushy/daiquiri was in order to ensure the thought of Monday morning doesn’t come on too quick and I could numb my brain for a little longer – YUMMY!

So if you have some ugly ripe fruit, don’t fear the ice cream and want to experiment with some of your booze in the liquor cabinet, this is the perfect summer slushy – very forgiving with whatever you put into it.

Although who needs booze if you have funny four legged friends in your home?

animal collage

Dunja’s throw everything into a blender Happy fruit vodka slushy:

  • 2 cups of hulled strawberries
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 4 scoops of strawberry ice cream – can be substituted by using just plain old ice cubes if you want to make a low calorie drink
  • 1 cup milk (add a little bit more if you don’t use ice cream)
  • 2 shot glasses of raspberry Vodka – can easily be left out for a non alcoholic smoothie

Throw everything into a blender, mix well and pour into 2 glasses and for the real decadence top each smoothie with a scoop of ice cream!

Stay thirsty my friend!

strawberry banana smoothie


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