The German Food Diary – Day 1 & 2


Every time I visit my parents in Germany I want to keep track of all the yummy food my mum cooks and then I never get around documenting it and I always want to write a little story with every meal my mum cooks, especially since she puts so much work and love into her food and each dish also reminds me of something in my childhood. But somehow the days in Germany don’t seem to have 24 hours, they seem to have 5 hours…and with that little time at hand priorities have to be set and the stories will be skipped for right now and who wants to sit in front of a computer on their vacations anyways. So with no further due – the Germany food diary – if you would like to get any of the recipes of the food you see in my posts let me know and I will send a detailed recipe.

Well ONE thing I do have to mention prior to starting the food diary – Germany won the soccer world cup in Brazil against Argentina – I watched the game in DC and that was amazing – Germany won its 4th world cup!

Day 1: Monday, July 21st

– First a view from my parents new deck

view from the deck

– Dinner (Abendessen): 1. Obatza (Bavarian cheese spread) and 2. Wurstsalad (chopped up sausages with pickles and onions)


Here a photo of the humongous deli and sausage counter that we visited to buy the ingredients for the “Wurstsalad”. I could only take 2 photos then the clerk said I am not allowed to take photos..I wonder if our sausage are a trade secret?

Germany sausage counter

Day 2: Tuesday July 22nd

– Breakfast (Fruehstueck): Grapefruit and strawberry fruit salad, fresh rolls with Teewurst (pork sausage spread, similar to liver sausage) and 1/2 a roll with Black Forest Ham, and half a roll with Ruebenkraut and Quark (sugar beet syrup and Quark – similar to sour cream but more firm)

Traditional German Breakfast

– Dinner (Abendessen): 1. Puree (Mashed Potatoes), 2. Blumenkohl (Cauliflower) 3. Frikadellen (German Meatballs)

Blumenkohl und Frikadellen

– Dessert: Vanillepudding mit Johannisbeeren – Vanilla Pudding with red currant

vanilla pudding with red currants

Guten Appetit!

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