The German Food Diary – Day 3 & 4



Today and yesterday were dedicated to visiting Memory Lane in form of my birth town Düsseldorf (“famous” skyline above which is showing the river Rhein, the TV tower, the Rheinkniebruecke (Rheinkneebridge) and city gate) and of course the German bench eating continues…

Wednesday July 23rd:


  • Frikadellenbroetchen (a fresh baked roll with a cold German Meatball and extra spicy mustard (Loewensenf)) – pictured in the top right
  • Wurstsalad (we made use of the left over “sausage salad” from last nights dinner – my parents rarely throw away any left over food and manage to come up with a new dish the next morning) – top photo to the left
  • Obstsalad (dad is very particular that I eat my fruits every day and I only eat fruit if someone cuts it neatly into pieces for me because  I don’t like to bite into big pieces of fruit – oh my I am getting really spoiled here – who will cut my fruit when I come back home? )
  • Broetchen mit Quark und Ruebenkraut (had to try another roll with the German style “sour cream” – Quark and the sweet beet syrup – sooo good)breakfast sampler


  •  Lunch was a salad with fresh tiny little North Sea crabs at Gosh Sylt: – delicious!  North Sea crabs are tiny tiny little crabs which look more like tiny shrimp than a crab, taste kind of sweet and are very rare to come by. The restaurant sits on the Rheinuferstrasse in Duesseldorf. The Rheinuferstrasse is a promenade in the town of Duesseldorf at the river Rhein. The promenade is lined with tons of different restaurant, cafes and bars and quite the attraction. The promenade provides a superb view on to the famous Duesseldorf skyline as well as the old town (Altstadt) skyline. Of course you have to drink some good beer with lunch and I had the typical Duesseldorf beer called “Alt” (old), its a dark beer but it does not taste bitter at all,  it tastes like a lager but is dark. The actual restaurant – Gosh – is a branch to its “mother ship” restaurant on the island of Sylt in the very northern part of Germany and is somewhat a “cult” restaurant where the rich and the famous dine in a casual affair on shrimp, crab, lobster and other seafood delicatessen.Duesseldorf


  • Spinach with mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs. This is a very traditional inexpensive but zesty dinner. The spinach tastes NOTHING like the spinach leafs we know in the US. Its really hard to describe how it tastes..its zesty and seasoned and doesn’t taste like lettuce at all. It comes frozen in a package and all you have to do is defrost it and heat it up. I know it sounds weird that my mum who cooks everything from scratch would used packaged spinach but its the only way this type of spinach is available.

Spinach with eggs and mashed potatos

Thursday July 24th:

We had a busy morning and grabbed a “sandwich’ for a late breakfast at one of the local bakeries – Kamps – and yes we eat sandwiches for breakfast not for lunch. We skipped lunch and instead took a little bicycle tour with my parents electrical bikes – these bikes are really cool, the paddling is supported by an electrical battery and it makes it completely easy to look like Lance Armstrong without feeling the slightest exhaustion – We took a little break on the ride to my old neighborhood – Hart – and stopped at my first rental Condo.

bikes and luise guery

After that we stopped at one of the traditional “Eisdielen” (German style Ice Cream Parlor) and my mum and I ordered an ice cream pizza and some Ice Cream Spaghetti, biked back home and started cooking dinner.



  • Kohlrabi, Puree and Bratwurst (Kohlrabi, mashed potatoes and a true German Brat) kohlrabi and brat

Stay tuned for more German food to come, my pants are already getting tight after only 4 days – ugh – but its just too yummy to limit myself or even dare to say no. Of course I am also treating myself to a lot of the German sweets and puddings which might contribute to the tighter fit of my clothes ;-).

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