El Salvador – The Travel Journal Day 3-4


Day 3: Wednesday December 16th:

8:00 am. we are up and wow it is HOT! Jose Mario and Marta have made a tasty American/El Salvadorian breakfast for us, coffee, fresh orange juice, beans, eggs, bacon, fresh bread and some kind of delicious pound cake with sesame seeds on top.

Mike takes off to check out the estuary, Cara, Christy and I dedicate our pasty white Seattle skin to the sun gods.

checking out the estuary

Noon: with fresh made Pina Colada’s in our hand, the local fisherman comes buy to deliver fresh Lobster for tomorrow’s dinner and Camarones (Shrimp) and Snapper for tonight’s dinner. Live is tough….

Lunch is served at 1:30, tasty BBQ’d chicken with Rice and greens. After lunch we proceed with cooling off in the pool or lounging in the chairs, reading books, drinking local beer (very good Pilsner and Lager), taking a nap and chit chatting. Mike and I are taking off with the ATV to check out the beach and a “tiena” (the local beach bar). We are ordering two cerveza’s and the patron offers up fresh mussels and oysters on the house. As usual I am the one who has to eat anything “fishy” since Mike doesn’t really eat fish. Yup he likes to catch it but doesn’t like to eat it, funny right?

Merry xmas

The Conchos and oysters tasted really good and I am planning on coming back tomorrow with Christy and Cara. During Manuel’s evening check in, he shares with me that the local oysters are only for people with strong stomachs – which I interpret as..you shouldn’t have eaten them – so now I am anxiously awaiting the morning to see if I have to crack open the pack of Imodium we brought and Cara and Christy might not want to eat Oysters in the local tiena and stick with the shrimp cocktail. I am happy to report that the Imodium is still in its package and my strong stomach absorbed the local oysters well. But we will take Manuel’s advice to heart and not eat oysters or Conchos at the local tiena – to make sure we are not wasting precious time in the bathroom.

Mike drops me off at the house and because he is not yet on island time and antsy, takes a drive down the beach with the ATV to check out the area. 30 minutes later a shaken Mike comes back, he run into the same pack of dogs that already attacked the car on our arrival day and this time decided to attack Mike on the ATV. Not sure you ever run into multiple packs of wild dogs, they look really scary, bark and jump and can easily run the speed of an ATV, running next to you trying to attack your leg. Two conclusions of the day: don’t eat local oysters and don’t drive down the beach in an ATV more than 2 miles to the left of the house.

collage of the 3rd and 4th day

After that much excitement it was time for some tranquility. We watched the sunset and then enjoyed the most amazing cooked snapper dinner. We cracked open a bottle of Norton Malbec, had some great evening conversation (I don’t remember anymore what we talked about (as usual) but it was great) and retreated to our rooms to enjoy a really really cold shower. For some reason there is no hot water available in this place, which I think might be common in Central America since I didn’t have hot water when I traveled to Costa Rica either. Happily we sink into our beds and we are not hot anymore – yeah – we have adjusted!


Day 4: Thursday December 17th

6:00 am – Mike is getting up and exited to go fishing with Douglas – a local fisherman. Marta has made Mike a pancake breakfast and is packing up sandwiches for the day on the water. Douglas and his “deckhand” show up on time and promptly fishing gear and coolers get loaded into the boat. Jose advises Douglas to take good care of Mike…we catch a couple Spanish words..”cargo de Meme” – which means something like he is Manuel’s (the beach house owner) guest and special treatment is expected! Everybody treats us here like royalty, El Salvadorians are one of the nicest/friendliest people you can encounter. After a quick Adios and a “Petri Heil” – the German good luck wish for Fishermen – I am going back to bed – yikes up at 6:00 am. on vacation, I hope that won’t happen too often.

gone fishing

Noon: Mike is back and has caught a Travali and a Bonita, it was a good fishing day. All of us are making progress with our books and tans and I am especially making progress in growing my belly, American Hamburger for lunch, Coconut Ceviche for the afternoon snack and BBQ’d Lobster and Shrimp Ceviche  for dinner.

Christy spent some time in the afternoon testing her kayak skills in the estuary and Mike and I checked out the local villas on the beach.3rd day collage

We conclude the evening with a couple rounds of 10,000 our favorite dice game while sampling some of Manuel’s Malbec’s (Norton as well as Luigi Borca). Tomorrow is a big day for us – our first excursion – the Ruta de la Flora – we will be visiting some enchanted little towns in the Mountains of El Salvador IMGP1663

…..to be continued….

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