El Salvador – The Travel Journal Day 13-14

Downtown barra

Day 13: Saturday, December 26th

I am restless, it’s our last full day in this beautiful place and I wake up early to ensure I get to enjoy a full day of heavenly bliss. We are having omelet, frijoles and bacon for breakfast. Seems like everybody is ready to go home but me. In this aspect I am still German, 2 weeks is just not enough vacation for me. I am already dreaming of Zanzibar our next vacation domicile. Mike and I want to celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary at a very special place and think Zanzibar might be it.

Mike and I take a long drive down the beach and saw the beach cleanup crew, combing a good part of the beach, cleaning up the trash and ocean debris. We stop in town to get a couple lemonades and head back. Jose is calling Mike to fish with Carlos at “Isla La Bounds” for little Pargos.


Cara and Christy are enjoying the pool. There are so many things I will miss when we are leaving, the view onto water and palm trees, the warm but not hot morning breeze, the pool, the wonderful meals Jose and Marta prepared for us, the sound of the ocean, the free time dedicated to relaxation, ATV drives on the beach and much more. I won’t miss though the sad look of all the skinny stray dogs. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with an animal sanctuary if Mike and I ever retire in one of the Latin/Central American countries.

It’s time for me to jump into the pool and to catch the last full day of sun and crisp up my now golden skin, trying to take as much sun and vacation back home with me as possible.


Almost everything today is the “last”, Christy buys ice cream from the ice cream man a last time, Cara, Christy and Mike play with Mario and Amada a last time in the pool, while I am getting water and food for another stray dog one more time.

The day is coming to an end and we are counting backwards how much sun is left in this day and more melancholy is setting in.


Jose and Marta make us a very special El Salvadorian dinner: Rolls stuffed with chicken and vegetables. Sounds pretty boring? Not the case, it was amazing, I could have eaten 10 of those rolls. They reminded me a little bit of the Vietnamese Bah Mi sandwiches.

Time to go to bed to fall asleep a last time to the sound of the ocean. Good Night El Salvador, I will miss you!

Day 14: Sunday, December 27th

We are getting up early and pack our bags. Jose and Marta made a lovely breakfast for us and it’s time to say Adios to Jose, Marta, Mario, Amada and Carlos. Melvin, our driver is taking a picture of our “new found family” and the kids are hugging us good bye.



Off we go for our 2-hour drive to the airport in San Salvador.

Everything goes according to plan and we land in Miami just in time to see the Seahawks lose against the Rams 23-17 – oh well we are in the Playoffs, so not a biggy!

It takes us almost 2 hours to make it through the Miami airport with immigration and customs and we just make it in time to catch our 6-hour flight home to Seattle. Mike watches a movie, Cara takes a nap, Christy reads some magazines and read the entire Mindy Kaling book – Why not me – she cracks me up and time goes by quickly. We land ahead of time but no gate is available so we are sitting over an hour on the tarmac, by now its 1:00 am. We are waiting for our luggage and a couple bags haven’t made it on to the flight and we decide to leave the airport.

last photos

Ed welcomes us home; he is still up at 2:00 am. in the morning. The dogs and cats are healthy and happy, the bedroom looks great (Ed painted it while we were gone) and we are eternally grateful to Ed for taking such good care of the animals and the house. We fall into a short comatose sleep before the alarm goes off at 7:00 a.m. and its time to face reality.

What a GREAT trip it has been! We are completely relaxed, have met the nicest people in El Salvador, learned a lot about the country, the culture and its people and want to especially thank Manuel who has opened up his house to us, has spent lot of his own time to prep for our arrival, arrange pickups, drop offs, tours, food and drinks for us and checked in with us daily. We felt very much taken care of and Manuel went above and beyond what any landlord/house owner would do for their renters.

Adios El Salvador, we will miss you and hopefully one day we will see you again!

Mike in ocean

The END!





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