Couscous Salad with fresh Cherries

couscous salad1

6 weeks no post – wow what a busy 6 weeks it has been. Lots of stuff had to be prepared and fixed around the house prior to my parents arrival and then the big day came and my parents arrived for their 3 weeks vacation with us. What a fun time it has been. My parents have already visited us 5 times but we always find new stuff for them to discover. On this vacations schedule was:

Canada/Victoria: Off with the Clipper to Victoria and a stay in the gorgeous Empress hotel, strolling around the harbor, having my mums newfound favorite drink – The Bellini -; a pedicab tour through Victoria, a visit in Butchart gardens and High Tea in the Empress.

Victoria collage

4th of July celebration in Long Beach: lots of fun beach walks, preparation and fun activities on the 4th, Oyster lunch at our friends Harry and Parmeli and a delicious dinner at the Pickled Fish.

Long beach collage

a quick day tour to Astoria: visiting the local Wet Dog Brewery for some beer tasting and strolling along downtown as well as the Sunday Farmers Market.

Astoria collage

and stuff to do around the house: like picking cherries and raspberries in the garden, floating down the river, celebrating summer solstice with attending the Freemont Solstice parade and Alfred catching his first trout.

collage home

Then one week on a business trip to Orlando having fun with my colleagues at the StarWars party, Epcot, Disney and the Ice Party.

Orlando collage

Now I am playing catch up! I also have had some great food the last 6 weeks and recipes are waiting to be put onto the blog! This week I will share a Couscous Salad I made together with my mum when she was here. We were super lucky this year to get a LOT of cherries from our own cherry trees that I thought it would be great to use them in this recipe from Ashley Rodriguez (she writes the blog “Not without Salt”). This is such a unique salad and I can’t imagine someone not liking it, its fresh and zesty and absolutely delicious.

Couscous Salad with Fresh Cherries

Ingredients (serves 6-8)

  • 3 cups Israeli couscous
  • 1/4 cup Pomegranate Molasses
  • 2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • juice from 1/2 a lemon
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 cups cherries, pitted and quartered
  • 1 cup (4 ounces) marcona almonds
  • 1/2 red onion, diced
  • 1 1/2 cups, packed fresh parsley and mint leaves
  • 1/2 cup crumbled feta


  1. Cook the couscous in boiling water that is seasoned with salt and a glug of olive oil. Drain the couscous while it’s still al dente, about 7-9 minutes but each variety is different so continually check the doneness.
  2. Rinse the couscous with cold water to stop the cooking then set aside.
  3. In a medium bowl whisk together the pomegranate molasses, rice wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Add this to the couscous.
  4. Mix in the cherries, almonds and onion.
  5. Finely mince the fresh herbs and add those to the salad. Finish with fresh feta.
  6. Taste and adjust to your liking, adding more salt or lemon juice if needed

Guten Appetit! And yes this is Alfred’s first caught trout that I smoked – it was absolutely tasty!

Couscous salad with cherries


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